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Cajun Boudin
Hungry for some delicious homemade Cajun boudin that is seasoned mildly? Here it is! Teet's Cajun Boudin made here with the freshest ingredients! Approx. 9 links, 3 pounds
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Cajun Power Sloppy Boudreaux
Cajun Power Sloppy Boudreaux mix brings that great Cajun Power taste to your sloppy "Boudreauxs"! Cook your favorite type of meat and add this mix and you will have yourself a very delicious sloppy Boudreaux!
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Smoked Pork Tasso
Smoked Pure Pork Tasso seasoned to perfection! Teet's Smoked Pork Tasso brings your gumbos and sauces to a new level whenever you cook this Cajun Tasso! Try it in anything you'd like! It is delicious!  
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Smoked Tasso Roast
A delicious smoked tasso roast will have your house smelling heavenly! Stuffed with all the right seasonings and smoked to perfection! Cook this with a beef roast and you will have your family and friends begging for the recipe! Approx. 4 pounds